The Truth Behind BBM For Android

November 5, 2016

BBM For Android:

It is a well known fact that people having mobile devices of any type have the capabilities of instant text messaging and chatting. These devices may include phones, electronic mobile devices and various other mobile Internet pieces. The time is not very far when Internet would come standard on all electronic devices. One of the major issues which have been faced by many users is the lack of instant communication between Blackberry, Android devices or iPhone. However, many apps have been developed which allow videos sharing, text messaging, photo download/upload capabilities between three major devices- Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

Recently, there have been many talks that Blackberry is about to come up with the BBM for Android for better communication than any original text messaging application. This application is free for Blackberry devices and is available as a standalone app preloaded on these devices. Not only this, it will be available for iPhone and Android users. However, there may be onetime fee involved with it. This instant messaging application on Blackberry makes it easier for users to know if the receiver has received the message. It will even alert the sender when the receiver has read the message sent by him.

You do not have to worry about the delivery of the message- you will be informed about it via delivery reports. It is being expected that BBM for Android and iPhone would create wonders in the mobile industry.

There has also been a rumor that Blackberry will soon be developing a basic BBM for Android and iPhone users. So while Blackberry users will be able to send video, text and photos, other platform users will be able to send and receive text. This is great news for all gadget freaks. If you have always wanted to start the conversation about latest electronic news with your friends, this is the time to show them that you too know about the latest and newest in the electronic market.

BBM for Android


Until now, people have been considering BBM for Android and iPhone as rumors- however, they are still hopeful that these rumors will turn into reality at the soonest. This will add more fun and excitement to your instant text messaging with your friends on Blackberry phones.

Despite the fact that instant communication through instant messaging and texting on the go, via mobile devices, offers a number of advantages to users from various parts of the world. If the users can only communicate with the people having same devices, it is treated as a major limitation or restriction. This is due to the reason that if their friends, family or loved ones carry other devices, they are not able to get in touch with them. Blackberry has realized this need and tried to overcome this restriction by offering BBM for Android or iPhone.

If this is going to be true in future, BBM for Android and iPhone will open up a new way of getting in touch with everyone having different device platforms such as Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

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