The Benefits of Bridge of Blackberry BBM On Android

November 5, 2016

Benefits of Bridge of Blackberry:

General U.S. smart-phone market share is 37% for Android; 27% for iPhone; 22% for Blackberry. People say BlackBerry is not a good choice but make a wish that BlackBerry Messenger is coming to Android. Among the corporate sector, RIM is still the phone of choice. This is largely due to a robust, compact design and handy Blackberry phones. The best feature of the Blackberry has a physical QWERTY keyboard. It is a popular keyboard, especially Curve, Bold, and will make SMS and e-mail quick and simple, because a well designed layout off. Tables turn in the mobile space as Google’s Android OS is to take the U.S. and global markets by storm. According to Nielsen consumers are twice as likely to choose the operating system Android Apple IOS. The top three Android OS, RIM Blackberry and Apple IOS.

Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) is the most reliable platform to synchronize between the companies and business email, calendar and contacts. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is a popular social media application that lets you send text messages, images and video / audio instant messaging program BBM is the system. This feature has made a phone BlackBerry popular among the younger generations who would like to bring its beloved BlackBerry Messenger app and service to Android.

For those of you who like to keep up with the latest technology is the Android phone for you. Due to the open source nature of Google’s Android operating system, and impressive architecture that is behind Android, the platform has quickly grown to be the mobile operating system, the most popular. Android phones with more than forty for you to choose from in the United States, produced by a variety of manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Google, Nexus, LG, Motorola, etc, is likely to be a phone that suits your tastes and needs.

Blackberry for android


Open-source design has led to safe the Android platform. This is due to thousands of programmers eye examination and re-test the code, at the same time create new features that improve the platform. Android emphasis on creativity, application developers to rapidly develop new and interesting. Adjust the Android platform for a while, so it is stable and secure. For the tech savvy real is able to “custom ROM” you, which allows you to download new software versions, and customize Android phones to your liking. There are about 100,000 applications available in the Android App Market. This may seem low compared to Apple applications on 300 000.

But the reality is that both some markets have long reached their critical mass. Means that there is an app for almost everything you can think of these two markets. When it comes to surfing the web, nobody does it better than Android. Android phones are the biggest screens, and are the only phones working on 4G. 4G connectivity is the fastest mobile network to browse the Internet. The next operating system designed to work with 4G system is RIM Blackberry Bold 9900 with operating (scheduled to launch in late summer).

Accurate Prayer Times in London UK Islam

November 1, 2016

One of the five pillars of Islam, the prayer is the most important. Allah has also described the importance of Salah in the Holy Quran. For a Muslim, it is important to take out time to perform five prayers a day. Five times prayers  in Islam  are a way to build a connection with Allah. Here are prayer times in London if you cannot hear the call of Allah or Azan.

Five Prayer times in London:

Here is a complete guide regarding five prayer times in London for the Muslims living in London to make them aware of the accurate prayer timings.

prayer time in london

 Fajr London Prayer Times:

What can be better than starting your day with the name of Allah who has created this whole world and everything inside it? The first prayer of the day; the Fajr prayer is a way to go to Allah to praise him and to say him thanks for another beautiful day in your life. The Fajr Salah times London begins at the true dawn.  At this time, one can see the appearance of a white line on the sky along the horizon.

Zuhr Namaz Times London:

After the Fajr prayer, when it is noon; Allah asks you to remember him again. Therefore; the Muslims offer the second prayer or the Zuhr prayer.  The Zuhr prayer times London start when the sun starts to move from its absolute zenith to west a little. One can offer the second prayer of the day until the shadow and height of an object become equal in size.

Asar Prayer Times in London:

After Zuhr or second prayer of the day, the Muslims offer Asar or the afternoon prayer. In Islam, there is a great importance of this third prayer of the day. The time to offer Asar prayer starts when the length of the shadow of an object becomes greater than the height of the object.

Maghrib Salah Times London:

The fourth prayer of the day is Maghrib prayer. After the Asar prayer, it is the time to offer Maghrib prayer when the sun starts to set to the west. The accurate time to offer this prayer of the day starts when the sun has set completely to the west. One can offer the prayer until the time of disappearance of twilight.

Isha Prayer Times:

Muslims end their name with the Name of Allah the same way as they start their day. For this, the last prayer of the day or Isha prayer is obligatory. After the complete disappearance of twilight, Isha Namaz times London begin. One can offer this prayer until midnight.

A prayer or Salah is a way to communicate with Allah. When we are in Sajdah, we are very close to Allah. It is the time to ask for forgiveness from Allah for our sins. To make your prayers answerable, you need to perform prayers on time. Keep Muslim prayer times in London in your mind and answer the call of Allah on time.

Prayer of Consecration – Prayer of Commitment Power of God’s Word

The prayer of consecration or commitment is establishing a commitment with the Lord. It is committing to putting God’s way first in your life. Psalm 37:5-7 tells us to “commit your way unto the Lord.” You need to commit the way you walk, talk, think, act, and feel to God. We need to line every part of our lives up with the Word of God. You can attribute this to walking in faith and walking in Kingdom principles.

Trust in Him. You need to believe in His Word. It makes a difference when you believe the bible, because when you believe God’s Word, you’ll practice it. You can’t commit your way to God if you can’t trust Him. You must believe in the goodness of God. Psalm 34:8 says “oh taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man that trustee in Him.” You’re not blessed until you’ve trusted in God, and you’ll never trust in God until you’re satisfied that He is Good, and you’ll never know that God is good until you’ve gotten your teeth into the word and tasted of Him.

Prayer of Consecration

God wants you to come to Him with an attitude of I’m putting my trust in my Heavenly Father and His Word because I know He will do it. Hebrews 1:3 Says “He upholds all things by the Word of His power.” Do you trust Him? Are you satisfied that God is good? You must taste, and try God’s Word to see that it will stand. He’s good, and He’s got good things for you.

Romans 11:17-23 “they were cut off because of unbelief,” no faith, no trust, in His Word, but we stand because of faith! You must come to God with an attitude of belief.. The Word says there is no eclipse with God. An eclipse is in the middle of the day the sun is shining bright. Its glorious light is shed on everybody and along comes the moon and blocks out the sun. The sun is still there but the moon is between us and the light and darkness comes upon the earth. Spiritually darkness is ignorance, deception, sin act, and these things can separate us from God.

The bible says there is no darkness with God, every good gift comes through the light of God and God never allows His light to be blocked out. God will never allow anything to come, blocking out His light to you. If something comes, you’ve brought it not God, or perhaps you’ve allowed the devil to bring it, but God will never have any shadow of turning in Him. We can trust Him. Goodness is from God.

Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon Him; for He caret for you.” He cares for you affectionately, and cares about you watchfully. We cast our cares upon the Lord. This isn’t something you do everyday, this is a once and for all proposition. That gets rid of them then, and puts them over in His hands. This is the prayer of commitment or consecration, casting or rolling our cares and worries over on Him once and for all, each one as it comes. He is not going to take it away from you. Some request of the Lord, lighten my load or take this anxiety, or take this worry Lord. He’s not going to do that. He tells you what to do about it. If you don’t do something about it, nothing will be done about it.

When you make a commitment to God you give Him your life and your promise to put His word and His ways first in your life. In return He promises to take care of your needs and to protect you as a father does a child. Consecration begins at salvation and must be walked out throughout your life.

Weight Loss Secrets Without Losing Your Health

October 31, 2016

It should be noted that the key to a successful exercise program is perseverance. This means that you need to commit to it for the long haul—in fact, it is best if you commit to it for the rest of your life. Certainly, it can be difficult at times. But in the end, it is well worth the effort you exert.Staying motivated may begin with having a tangible goal. For instance, if you are basically inactive when you start your program, you should aim to burn off 500 calories a week. If you are fairly active when you start exercising, your goal should be 1,000 calories. But you must also have a long-term goal. This might be doubling the amount of calories you burn within six months of commencing your exercise program.

weight loss

You might consider starting an exercise log. Here, you will record exactly what kind of aerobic, anaerobic, and stretching exercises you do each week. Be sure to include the number of repetitions you’re performing with each exercise. This way, you’ll have a concrete chart for your progress. Seeing how well you’re doing can be truly inspiring and can keep you going when you find it difficult to go on.

Weight loss following pregnancy and hanging up the tent sized maternity clothes is something all new mothers look forward to with anticipation. For most women, but for others, the baby fat is a bit more difficult to shed. Each woman is different and there is no “one size fits all” formula for shedding the weight gained during pregnancy. However there are a few weight loss guidelines to follow that will have the new Mom back feeling great and wearing her jeans once she gets her strength back.

How much weight did you gain during pregnancy? The 25 pounds the average woman gains during a pregnancy are spread out more or less like this:

-Baby-8 pounds
-Placenta-1.5 pounds
-Amniotic fluid-2 pounds
-Breasts-2 pounds
-Uterus-2.5 pounds
-Fat, blood volume and water retention

Water is one of the key components to a healthy diet and a long-term weight loss undertaking. It not only nourishes your body by keeping your cells hydrated, but it fills your stomach so that you are less hungry. Here are some quick tips for consuming a weight-loss-friendly amount of water without feeling like you are a human water drain.8 Glasses a Day

Just about everyone has heard that it is important to consume at least 8 glasses of water a day as part of a well-balanced diet. The 8 glasses of water will help to hydrate your body and leave your skin feeling moist and supple. What’s more: it is important to understand exactly what those 8 glasses of water are doing to your body.

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe From Scratch

Cupcake Recipes From Scratch:

Hunting for vanilla cupcake recipe from scratch?  Here’s the thing…

Most of us really enjoy vanilla cupcakes! No matter if intended for specific events including marriage ceremonies, showers, anniversaries, or any other exclusive occasions, we tend to consider this cupcake. Religious organization socials, coffee klatches, workplace treats, right down to simply common loved ones snacks, we look to cupcake. Certainly, there a large number of nice cupcake recipes available nonetheless we occasionally simply wish a decent traditional vanilla cupcake. No matter if you desire a simple cake or cupcakes, here are recipes just for you.

Such cupcake recipes from scratch will be as well the ideal starting point that you can experiment with to create your personal “more fancy” cakes. You may go with a fancy frosting, an ordinary frosting, or perhaps top the cake using healthy fruit or maybe frozen treats; the option is yours. However regardless of what you decide, delight in the following simple cake. The “Mini’s” are ideal for kids gatherings in which you want to avoid excessive sweets and yet the youngsters be expecting cake. You could very well try a pat of frosting to hold the M&M or vibrant jelly bean instead of heap the cake way down with plentiful of frosting.

First, pre-heat the oven up to 350F. Set mini-muffin pans using paper liners, put aside.


Recipe creates 48 smaller cupcakes but they can be baked in shifts.

Using a big blending bowl, with an electric mixer, beat the mixture of butter, sugar, baking powder, and a bit of salt for 1 minute. Put the eggs, one after the other, beating right after every addition. Blend the vanilla flavoring together with the milk. Beat the flour into your mixture alternately with all the milk/vanilla mixture. Beat pretty much until eventually blended thoroughly. Put 1 tbsp. of batter inside every ready mini-muffin container.

Bake at 350 F for fifteen minutes or right until a toothpick inserted in the middle slides out clean. Let it rest in baking pan on your wire rack somewhere around 5 minutes prior to taking away from pan to wire rack to cool down properly.

Frost along with your most desired frosting.

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

Simple Vanilla Cake Recipe From Scratch ingredient:

Again, preheat oven to 350F. Cover 2 8-inch rounded cake pans using nonstick cooking product. Set the underside with waxed paper and then spray the paper; put aside.

With a big mixer bowl, using electric mixer at high-speed, beat the butter, sugar, baking powder, and also a bit of salt over 1 minute or alternatively till nicely mixed. Add in the eggs, beat the mixture for another 2 minutes or right up until fluffy. Lower the speed to low and pour in the milk as well as vanilla extract now beat with the flour added until well blended. Split the batter equally amongst the 2 ready pans. Distribute the batter out uniformly and tap those pans a few times to eliminate whatever air bubbles trapped inside.

Bake them at 350 degrees around 30 to 35 minutes. Check them using the wooden toothpick put in middle if it is clean. Let the cakes cool down on the wire rack for about 10 to 15 minutes just before trying to take away. Slide in and run a small knife all around the side of the cakes to push them out. Take off the waxed papers and let the cakes cool down completely.

Now, having the vanilla cupcake recipe from scratch know-how, it’s time the yummy frosting of yours to do its job.

Fashionable Short Spiky Haircuts For Women

October 30, 2016

Are you thinking about cutting your hair short? There are many short styles you should consider before you make your decision. You might think that short hair is not for everyone. You can actually find short spiky haircuts for women that will look good on you if you choose a style adapted to your facial shape.If your facial shape is rather long and narrow, you can soothe it with one of many short spiky haircuts for women. You could for instance add some width to your face with some bangs or with a bob to add some body to your hair. Opt for a semi-long cut if you have a strong jawline.

Short Spiky Haircuts For Women

You could for instance conceal your jawline thanks to a bob that ends just below your jawline.If you have a round face, a short pixie cut would look great on you. A wide side-swept bang or an asymmetrical cut would be excellent choices. You should also consider getting a bixie, which is a trendy mix between the bob and the pixie. If you are thinking about getting a very short haircut, consider adding some curls or waves to your hair so they can keep some body.

If you have an oval or a heart-shaped face, there are several short spiky haircuts for women you could try. Cutting your hair in a semi-long pixie would actually give you the possibility to style it differently depending on your mood. You could for instance style the hair forward to create bangs or use styling products to get your hair to stand up. Make sure you ask for a layered cut so you can play with textures.These are just a few pointers that will help you find a good short haircut. Keep in mind that you do not have to follow these tips if you feel that a different hair style would look good on you. The important thing is to find a hair cut that corresponds to your style and that makes you look good. Take the time to look at pictures of different trendy short hairstyles before you decide to cut your hair.

Meet with your stylist to talk about your different options. You will get better results if you go to a stylist who is used to giving short haircuts. If you have curly or wavy hair, make sure you get your hair cut by a professional who is used to working with that type of hair.

Have you been thinking about cutting your hair short? You should learn more about the current trends before you schedule an appointment with your hairdresser. The following article is full of useful information on short haircut styles and will help you choose the ideal style for you.

The Best Types of Short Haircuts for Thick Hair’:

The main way to deal with hair that is incredibly thick is to cut it into a short style. By keeping the hair short it is much easier to style and can give you a tamed and more manicured look. There are various short haircuts for thick hair that you can try out.

Asymmetrical A Line:

Asymmetry can add flair to your existing look. Having your hair cut this way will give off a trendy and edgier.

Short Haircuts For Round Faces That Look Great For All Ages:

It is no secret that women tend to focus much more on their hairstyles than men do. For women with round faces, the key to sporting the perfect short haircuts for round faces is to focus on deflecting some of the roundness. It is important not to put too much focus on the cheeks by choosing a flattering hairstyle.

Make Money With Black and White Digital Photography

Black and white photography has long been a staple product of the art world. There is something about capturing the world around us and rendering it, and the people in it, in such a stark medium as black and white.

In a way, this type of art takes away any preconceptions one might have about the given subject and allows the viewer to see the content as it really is, and even add their own ideas.It’s important to note that black and white photography was the beginning of photography and holds a special place in many photographers’ hearts. This is one of the reasons why it has become a bit of a trendy thing to do nowadays. Basically beginner photographers are starting to take up black and white photography more often than normal photography. Why? Mainly because they are still able to use the most advanced, up to date cameras while creating amazing black and white photos.

Black and White Digital Photography

The latest camera models have settings for black and white photography and some photo editing software enables photographers to change color photographs into black and white. Any of these methods can be used to achieve the classic black and white look that can impress any viewer.The scope of black and white digital photography is not only about portraits and landscapes.

There are thousand and one things that you can express with black and white photographs. So the next time you have the digital camera in hand, focus on abstract shoots. Treat black and white digital photography, as a mode to portray the world in a different light and you will never be short on potential photography subjects.To start with your own black and white digital photography shots, you will not need extra effort and complications other than shooting as is. Take the shot in color then you can switch the setting of the digital image in an editor, using array of choices.

If you are using Photoshop or Fireworks, you can change the whole image into black and white by editing “Hue and Saturation” or simply switching it to “gray-scale” format.Since black and white digital photography doesn’t rely on color to tell the story, the contrast of shades will need to be relied upon. This is one of the most important black and white shooting tips to learn. It is important to make sure subjects stand out even more so in black and white than in color.

While a dark blue shirt might look awesome against a dark green setting in color, it will likely get lost in the shuffle in black and white.While that dark shirt and dark background can present problems in contrast, lighting can help fix the issue. The best way to master lighting for this type of digital photography is to play around and be willing to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.

Try using the black and white settings in all kinds of situations to really master what needs to be done under different circumstances to effectively light up a shot.Why not make money from your  and get paid to submit your photos to the Internet or start up your own photography business.Remember a black and white picture of a single flower can be breathtaking.