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January 9, 2017

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The Truth Behind BBM For Android

November 5, 2016

BBM For Android:

It is a well known fact that people having mobile devices of any type have the capabilities of instant text messaging and chatting. These devices may include phones, electronic mobile devices and various other mobile Internet pieces. The time is not very far when Internet would come standard on all electronic devices. One of the major issues which have been faced by many users is the lack of instant communication between Blackberry, Android devices or iPhone. However, many apps have been developed which allow videos sharing, text messaging, photo download/upload capabilities between three major devices- Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

Recently, there have been many talks that Blackberry is about to come up with the BBM for Android for better communication than any original text messaging application. This application is free for Blackberry devices and is available as a standalone app preloaded on these devices. Not only this, it will be available for iPhone and Android users. However, there may be onetime fee involved with it. This instant messaging application on Blackberry makes it easier for users to know if the receiver has received the message. It will even alert the sender when the receiver has read the message sent by him.

You do not have to worry about the delivery of the message- you will be informed about it via delivery reports. It is being expected that BBM for Android and iPhone would create wonders in the mobile industry.

There has also been a rumor that Blackberry will soon be developing a basic BBM for Android and iPhone users. So while Blackberry users will be able to send video, text and photos, other platform users will be able to send and receive text. This is great news for all gadget freaks. If you have always wanted to start the conversation about latest electronic news with your friends, this is the time to show them that you too know about the latest and newest in the electronic market.

BBM for Android


Until now, people have been considering BBM for Android and iPhone as rumors- however, they are still hopeful that these rumors will turn into reality at the soonest. This will add more fun and excitement to your instant text messaging with your friends on Blackberry phones.

Despite the fact that instant communication through instant messaging and texting on the go, via mobile devices, offers a number of advantages to users from various parts of the world. If the users can only communicate with the people having same devices, it is treated as a major limitation or restriction. This is due to the reason that if their friends, family or loved ones carry other devices, they are not able to get in touch with them. Blackberry has realized this need and tried to overcome this restriction by offering BBM for Android or iPhone.

If this is going to be true in future, BBM for Android and iPhone will open up a new way of getting in touch with everyone having different device platforms such as Blackberry, Android and iPhone.

The Benefits of Bridge of Blackberry BBM On Android

Benefits of Bridge of Blackberry:

General U.S. smart-phone market share is 37% for Android; 27% for iPhone; 22% for Blackberry. People say BlackBerry is not a good choice but make a wish that BlackBerry Messenger is coming to Android. Among the corporate sector, RIM is still the phone of choice. This is largely due to a robust, compact design and handy Blackberry phones. The best feature of the Blackberry has a physical QWERTY keyboard. It is a popular keyboard, especially Curve, Bold, and will make SMS and e-mail quick and simple, because a well designed layout off. Tables turn in the mobile space as Google’s Android OS is to take the U.S. and global markets by storm. According to Nielsen consumers are twice as likely to choose the operating system Android Apple IOS. The top three Android OS, RIM Blackberry and Apple IOS.

Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) is the most reliable platform to synchronize between the companies and business email, calendar and contacts. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is a popular social media application that lets you send text messages, images and video / audio instant messaging program BBM is the system. This feature has made a phone BlackBerry popular among the younger generations who would like to bring its beloved BlackBerry Messenger app and service to Android.

For those of you who like to keep up with the latest technology is the Android phone for you. Due to the open source nature of Google’s Android operating system, and impressive architecture that is behind Android, the platform has quickly grown to be the mobile operating system, the most popular. Android phones with more than forty for you to choose from in the United States, produced by a variety of manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Google, Nexus, LG, Motorola, etc, is likely to be a phone that suits your tastes and needs.

Blackberry for android


Open-source design has led to safe the Android platform. This is due to thousands of programmers eye examination and re-test the code, at the same time create new features that improve the platform. Android emphasis on creativity, application developers to rapidly develop new and interesting. Adjust the Android platform for a while, so it is stable and secure. For the tech savvy real is able to “custom ROM” you, which allows you to download new software versions, and customize Android phones to your liking. There are about 100,000 applications available in the Android App Market. This may seem low compared to Apple applications on 300 000.

But the reality is that both some markets have long reached their critical mass. Means that there is an app for almost everything you can think of these two markets. When it comes to surfing the web, nobody does it better than Android. Android phones are the biggest screens, and are the only phones working on 4G. 4G connectivity is the fastest mobile network to browse the Internet. The next operating system designed to work with 4G system is RIM Blackberry Bold 9900 with operating (scheduled to launch in late summer).