Accurate Prayer Times in London UK Islam

November 1, 2016

One of the five pillars of Islam, the prayer is the most important. Allah has also described the importance of Salah in the Holy Quran. For a Muslim, it is important to take out time to perform five prayers a day. Five times prayers  in Islam  are a way to build a connection with Allah. Here are prayer times in London if you cannot hear the call of Allah or Azan.

Five Prayer times in London:

Here is a complete guide regarding five prayer times in London for the Muslims living in London to make them aware of the accurate prayer timings.

prayer time in london

 Fajr London Prayer Times:

What can be better than starting your day with the name of Allah who has created this whole world and everything inside it? The first prayer of the day; the Fajr prayer is a way to go to Allah to praise him and to say him thanks for another beautiful day in your life. The Fajr Salah times London begins at the true dawn.  At this time, one can see the appearance of a white line on the sky along the horizon.

Zuhr Namaz Times London:

After the Fajr prayer, when it is noon; Allah asks you to remember him again. Therefore; the Muslims offer the second prayer or the Zuhr prayer.  The Zuhr prayer times London start when the sun starts to move from its absolute zenith to west a little. One can offer the second prayer of the day until the shadow and height of an object become equal in size.

Asar Prayer Times in London:

After Zuhr or second prayer of the day, the Muslims offer Asar or the afternoon prayer. In Islam, there is a great importance of this third prayer of the day. The time to offer Asar prayer starts when the length of the shadow of an object becomes greater than the height of the object.

Maghrib Salah Times London:

The fourth prayer of the day is Maghrib prayer. After the Asar prayer, it is the time to offer Maghrib prayer when the sun starts to set to the west. The accurate time to offer this prayer of the day starts when the sun has set completely to the west. One can offer the prayer until the time of disappearance of twilight.

Isha Prayer Times:

Muslims end their name with the Name of Allah the same way as they start their day. For this, the last prayer of the day or Isha prayer is obligatory. After the complete disappearance of twilight, Isha Namaz times London begin. One can offer this prayer until midnight.

A prayer or Salah is a way to communicate with Allah. When we are in Sajdah, we are very close to Allah. It is the time to ask for forgiveness from Allah for our sins. To make your prayers answerable, you need to perform prayers on time. Keep Muslim prayer times in London in your mind and answer the call of Allah on time.